Justin Pawlak made a perfect qualifying run at the Wall

JTP, Justin Pawlak is your top qualifier at the Wall in New Jersey, after a perfect run scoring 100 points. The track layout was...

Formula D season premiere coming up

In just a few days it finally time for Formula Drift again. A new season starts an we will look at what's ahead. We will start by looking at...

Formula Drift 2019

Join us as we take a look at the upcoming season in the world's greatest drifting-series, Formula Drift, USA. 5-6 April, Long Beach, California, ProThe...

Valters Boze – Photography lets me enjoy being around cars

The importance of photographers at an event is the difference between being seen or not being seen. How the cars are photographed lies in the way of the photographers style and opportunity to photograph. They can´t make the...
Ola Jaeger under Gatebil Mantorp, foto: Stefan Lindgren

Ola Jægers season in Formula Drift Pro2

The Nordic representative in the 2018 Formula Drift was not only Fredric Aasbø, but in PRO2 we also had a representative by the name of Ola Jæger, and not without success.

Fredric Aasbo gets the win in FD Atlanta

The Norwegian Hammer struck during a wet round of Formula D in Atlanta, and took his first win for the season After the rain started...

Series leading Deane, number one qualifier at the FD-final at Irwindale

The phenomenal series leading Formula Drift-driver James Deane took the qualifier win when the season final took place at classic Irwindale on fridaynight. That was...

The all electric Camaro EL1 showed it´s muscles in Formula Drift Atlanta

During the our long and cold winter in sweden, we heard some rumors and hints of a very special car being built for top level competition in Formula Drift. The car was built by Napoleon Motorsports and...

New exciting season in Formula Drift

It will be an exciting season in Formula Drift 2020. Among other things we will see a new venue and the return of an icon.

No GR Supra for Aasbo in 2019

A couple of weeks ago the new Toyota GR Supra was revealed. It has gotten both warm and ice cold welcomes from car enthusiasts around the world.

Robbie Nishida is the new judge in Formula Drift

Formula drift has presented the new judge that will be judging along side of Ryan Lanteigne and Brian Eggert. Andy Yen has left the...

FD Wall: Tuerck wins, Aasbo new championship leader

After a really exciting race with many one more times and a few crashed cars, there was a winner that hadn't been on top of the podium since 2015.

Fredric Aasbo top qualifier in Formula Drift Orlando

The Norwegian hammer, Fredric Aasbo, claimed the spot as top qualifier in Formula Drift in Orlando. After two great qualifying runs with 98 and...

Back to back win for Odi

After a dramatic elimination with crashes, quick repairs and favorites knocked out early it was Odi that was last man standing. The drama began...

Fredric Aasbø near the disaster area of airplane crash in Iran

On his travel to Tokyo Auto Salon, the norwigan stardriver Fredric Aasbø came close to the crash site in Iran that happened in about a week ago.

No Napoleon Motorsports electric Camaro in FD

According to Travis Reeder, amongst others, Napoleon Motorsports chooses to not move forward with their program with the electric Chevrolet Camaro that competed in Formula Drift in 2019. There...

Papadakis is building a GR Supra for Aasbø

What has been seen as the only natural thing to do has now been made official: Steph Papadakis is building a new Toyota GR Supra for Fredric Aasbø to compete with in this years Formula Drift.

Formula Drift Pro 2 qualifying and bracket

Kenric Meyer claimed the spot as top qualifyer at round 2 of the FD Pro 2 championship at Road Atlanta. Alec Robbins was second...

Odi Bakchis winner in Long Beach

After a good portion of drama with cars going in to the tire wall, engine failures and clashes it was finally Aurimas Odi Bakchis that took the win in the 2019 season opener.

No Formula Drift for Bluss and HGK

HGK Racing has announced that they will not be competing in Formula Drift in 2019. In 2018 Kristaps Bluss was successful and also managed...

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