Karsten Mad Max Mikkelsen: “Nothing compares to the feeling of drifting”


“I bought the car as a rolling chassi about 10 years ago. It was completely original, there wasn’t much rust in it so it was just about ready to go.”

“A new time was about to start as we went from driving on the street to building a car for the track.”

“My car is a Nissan 200sx rps13 from 1993. I have made everything myself with help from my friends. I do ALL the forging work (welding work). I have NO idea how many hours I have spent on the car, it has gone through so many things and transformations😂 “

“I drive with a 1jz vvti, 520hp 630Nm and BMW M3 gearbox, FAT power kit, AEM engine control, precision turbo, manifold (built by myself).”

“I started drifting in 08-09 but there wasn’t really anything in Denmark so we had to drive in at night in various industrial neighborhoods, it was super fun but also a little dangerous. it took sudden speed with operations in Europe and there were small events coming around that we participated in. I have participated in many different competitions around the EU. I spent all my money on it and it was still hard to keep up when you didn’t really have the big sponsor, so we had to take it down a little bit again. I love drifting and I feel like I have a form too flair for that, when it all just plays it’s the FATEST feeling in the world, I don’t always know what drives me, other than that I can’t let go… I’ve run several different types of motorsports throughout life, but nothing compares to the feeling of drifting, that’s all you normally NOT allowed to do in a car.”

“I have my own workshop at home which is my sanctuary and I spend SO many hours down there alone and with friends.”

“My plans for 2020 are not safe at all, I just want to go out and have fun with my car and with some good friends and family, Gatebil main event is absolutely booked on my calendar!”

Fast 5

Favorite Drivers: Ryan Tuerck
Dream Drift Car: GT86
Best Drift Experience: 1st Time at Gatebil
Somthing in Cant Be Without: My Drift Car

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Instagram: Karsten_Madmax
Facebook: Karsten Mad-max Mikkelsen

Text: Björn Billsten – DriftZone.se
Photo: Björn Billsten – DriftZone.se