Back to back win for Duane McKeever in Drift Masters


It’s turning out to be an amazing season for Irish driver Duane McKeever in Drift Masters European Championship. Today he took his second win…

The track was Croix En Ternois in France. As you know many established drivers fell out early in the season opener in Greinbach, Austria, and was aiming for revenge in France.

Qualifying was earlier today, where James Deane was top qualifier, before Jack Shanahan, Juha Rintanen and Conor Shanahan. McKeever claimed ninth place.

The top 32 did offer a few big surprises, when expected championship competitors Tor Arne Kvia and Adam Zalewski was nocked out. Besides that the fin Juha Pöytälaakso knocked out 7th qualifier Max Miller, Ukraine.

26th in qualifying, Pöytälaakso went on to knock out higher qualified in top 16, where Enver Haskasap, Northern Cyprus, was knocked out by the flying fin.

In the great eight things started to heat up. Duane McKeever said to Red Bull TV that he was hoping to meet James Deane early in the bracket. That way he would, if he won, get a good grip on the championship. The replay of the final in Austria came in top 8, and McKeever managed once again to beat the reigning DMEC and FD USA champion and claim a spot in the final 4. The other battles in top 8 was Conor Shanahan vs Pawel Korpulinski, where Shanahan won, Jack Shanahan vs Juha Pöytälaakso, Shanahan won, and finally Juha Rintanen vs Grzegorz Hypki. Noteable is that three out of four battles went to a one more time.

In the semi finals Conor Shanahan met Duane McKeever, and young Conor had to give Duane the win, after really good driving. Jack Shanahan won against Juha Rintanen, and claimed a spot in the final.

In the battle for third place, Juha Rintanen and Conor Shanahan battled hard, and Juha took the win. In the interview Juha was happy, but said that he really had wanted that spot in the final instead.

The final was also a tough battle, and none of the drivers was going to give it away easily. But in the end it was Duane McKeever that took the win, leaving the results as below. Reservation for any unintentional errors.

  1. Duane McKeever
  2. Jack Shanahan
  3. Juha Rintanen
  4. Conor Shanahan
  5. James Deane
  6. Pawel Korpulinski
  7. Grzegorz Hypki
  8. Juha Pöytälaakso
  9. Joe Hountondji
  10. Enver Haskasap
  11. Martin Richards
  12. Matt Carter
  13. Benediktas Cirba
  14. Andrius Vasiliauskas
  15. Sebastian Fontijn
  16. Paul Smith
  17. Max Miller
  18. Max Heidrich
  19. Elias Hountondji
  20. Tor-Arne Kvia
  21. Adam Zalewski
  22. Daniel Brandner
  23. Axel Francois
  24. Benjamin Boulbes
  25. Krzysztof Romanowski
  26. Kevin Quin
  27. Dawid Karkosik
  28. Laurent Cousin
  29. Ahmad Daham
  30. Calin Ciortan
  31. Roman Kolesar
  32. Michal Reichert

Next round is Plock, Poland on the 28th and 29th of June.

Text: Christer Hägglund –
Photo: Henrik Andersson – (Archive pictures)