Christian Erlandsson, Sweden’s hope in Drift Masters


When we did our big interview with Christian Erlandsson after the 2018 season he couldn’t reveal what series he would compete in 2019.

But after the DMEC grid was confirmed on February 11th we know that Christian is the only Swedish driver. We caught up with Christian for a short update.

How does it feel to be one of the 45 selected drivers that get to compete in DMEC 2019?
-It feels amazing and a great honom to be among the 45 selected drivers. We heard early that the grid would be limited to 45 drivers and didn’t want to get our hopes to high. But on December 7th I got a confirmation that I was one of the 45 on the grid.

Is there one of the sex rounds that you are looking forward to more than the others?
-Yes, Germany I think. I looks like my type of track. And there will be a lot of Swedes down there aswell, competing in Iron Drift. Ireland and Latvia area are also favourites from 2018.

Do you have your team ready for the season?
-Yes, almost ready. But there is a lot that must be planned and calendars to be matched.

There is tough competition, many of the stars from 2018 is still in the game. Some new ones has been added, among them IDC- and BDC-champion Duane McKeever. Do you see the competion as a pressure or an inspiration?
-I gained a lot of knowledge during the 2018 season in DMEC, and there are a lot of great drivers in 2019. I see it as a source of inspiration and a way to progress as a driver. I must also mention my spotter, Christoffer Åslev. He’s a great spotter and he made me more comfortable and relaxed in DMEC.

We wish Christian the best in DMEC 2019!

Text: Christer Hägglund –
Photo Christer Hägglund –