Drift Masters 2019 Race schedule released


Finally, the schedule for Drift Masters European Championship, DMEC, has been released. Join us, as we walk you through the upcoming races who will be visited by the top European drivers.

Photo: Christer Hägglund

Greinbach, Austria
18-19 may

Season premier for DMEC takes place on a course that was not part of the series in 2018, Greinbach Circuit in Austria. 45 drivers will be starting the series here, on a course that’s described as both technical and challenging. Who will get the advantage to move forward from the first round with a win in their trunk? Greinbach is located 130km south of Wien

Croix-En-Ternois Circuit, France
14-15 june

This is another new track för 2019, in France. We are here expected to run in to crazy French fans, and we have great prospects for high speed tandems. Croix-En-Ternois is located 250 km straight north from Paris.

Christian Erlandsson during last year’s competition in Riga.

Plock, Poland
28-29 june

Last year’s premier, and thereby the historical first event in Drift Masters European Championship, was held at the Kazimierz Gorski Stadium in Plock, who has a capacity of 10 000 visitors. It was a tight course which was surrounded by barriers at all sides. Last year’s premier was won by Conor Shanahan, Ireland.

Riga, Latvia
2-3 august

It’s Riga baby. Classical Biķernieki Trase in Riga. There is almost nothing else to say about it. A high speed entry, a couple of sharp corners and a technical end takes its toll on the drivers. In 2018, Swedish Jim Olofsson made a spectacular crash with his car on this track during the first qualification-run. Winner in Riga 2018 was Irishman James Dean. As an extra spice to the event, there was a lovely parade when all the completion-cars drove in to the city center. An almost unreal experience!

Jim Olofssons violent crash in Riga 2018.

Ferropolis, Germany
17-18 august

Ferrapolis as a closed mine outside Gräfenhainichen in Germany. In 2018 they held a competition that was praised by both competitors and visitors (Iron Drift King), and this year the heat is turned on a bit more since DMEC has chosen to put one of their shows at this venue.
Last year’s race that was held in Germany took place at the F1-track Hockenheimring, and it turned out to suit Swedish driver Christian Erlandsson quite well, Erlandsson qualified as number four. Another Swedish-acquaintance, the Swedish Drift Series champion from 2017, qualified as number won. The competition was won by James Dean.

Jocke Andersson and Andreas Staberg during Iron Drift King 2018.
Photography: Pontus Hartman

Dublin, Ireland
21-22 september

Mondello Park, the Irish national arena, was the place where the finals of both IDC (now known as Drift Games) and DMEC took place in 2018. This is a small track that reminds us a little bit of Swedens own national arena for Drifting, GTR Motorpark.
Last year’s race at Mondello Park was won by James Dean, who at that point already was the champion for the whole DMEC-series.

It’s going to be incredibly interesting to see who is going to be participating in DMEC when the starting line is finally released. DriftZone’s goal is, if we have a number of Swedish participants, to report live to you from as many races as possible. The races are already planned into our calendar for 2019, you can find it both at our website and in our Google-calendar if you have added it.

Text: Christer Hägglund – DriftZone.se
Photo: Stefan Lindgren, Christer Hägglund – DriftZone.se, Pontus Hartman – Hartman Photo