James Deane will drive a HGK Eurofighter in DMEC


To most people known as a true Nissan man, James Deane surprised many with the release of his  latest car build.

It was in a press release this Thursday that Deane revealed the that HGK Racing is finishing his new Falken Tyres Eurofighter E92 M3.

The new car features a full carbon-kevlar widebody, based on the BMW E92 M3. The chassis may be new, but when it comes to engine, the team has chosen a well known path, with the use of a Toyota 2JZ. The engine is tuned to deliver more than 800 hp.

The purpose with the build is to take on the 2019 Drift Masters European Championship, in which Deane is the defending champion.

As of now, no pictures are available, only a render of the car. Therefore we choose to show you the HGK Eurofighter of Swedish driver Linus Joensuu, and the Nissan S14 of Deane. Add the livery of the S14 to the E92 and you will get really close.

The HGK Eurofighter E92 of Linus Joensuu
The Nissan S14 of James Deane in Riga

Text: Christer Hägglund – DriftZone.se
Photo: Henrik Andersson, Stefan Lindgren – DriftZone.se