Max Heidrich: “Been at the gym and been working on the mental physics”


DriftZone contacted one of the drivers that we think can be in the top drivers in DMEC. The driver is Max Heidrich, born 1992 and from Germany.

During last years DMEC he ended up in 13th place, just a couple of points after Pawel Korpulinski. We think showed his potentials at round 3, Plock, where he became fourth.

Max will drive the same Nissan S13 in 2020 but they have upgraded the suspension to Feal 442 coilovers. They hope the car will be alot faster with this change. The team are almost hoping to get the new Gforce dogbox installed and ready for the first round. The livery will only have small changes.

Max told us that even if they upgrade the car, much of the responsibility lies on him to perform. So he has done a lot more for himself, been at the gym and train on the mental physics. Hopefully this will help Max to get better results and to do less mistakes when it counts.

When we asked what Max thinks about 2020 years participants, he answered:
“The driver field is really tuff, some big names on the list and also a lot of new guys so really excited about that. Short they are really the best from europe!!”

The favorite track in DMEC is Ferropolis. He motivates it that it is because of the location and that it is an amazing place. Even Riga has a special place in Max´s driftheart, its the most crazy track for him. He is also excited about the new tracks like Teeside, where he havnt driven before.

Favorite battle and event from last year were at Plock. Max had several nice battles there with Trela, Wiecek and Hypki.

Text: Björn Billsten –
Photos: Björn Billsten –