Nigel Colfer: “The sport of drifting is my passion”


The Irish Nigel Colfer is one of the more experienced drivers in European drifting. DriftZone has talked to Nigel about last season and the plans for 2019.

How do you summarize the 2018 season?

-The 2018 season was quite a challenge personally. At the beginning of 2018 I joined up with “Baggsy” and SB Motorsport. It was very different as I have been used to running a small program on my own traveling around from Event to Event. It threw up its own challenges but it was a great experience and a strong learning curve. 

-Our results in the Drift Masters Championship wasn’t exactly how I had planned but we were hit with some unfortunate issues with the car and on more than one occasion we had to deal with unfortunate weather just at the wrong time. You never stop learning in drifting, even after 12 years of competing and 2018 was probably the steepest learning curve yet.

You ran Drift GP with great success in 2017. How big is it to compete in DMEC?

-Drift GP was a great introduction to running an European program but Drift Masters is on another level in comparison. The level of Driving and professionalism in Drift Masters is simply unbelievable. I’m so proud of where drifting has come in Europe and to be apart of that growth for so many years and to see where it is right now is a very humbling thing. 

-The sport of drifting is my passion and wins out hands down on my own personal goals and achievements. I’m very proud to see where it has reached with Drift Masters.

How tough is the resistance in the series?

-European Drifting needed a platform like Drift Masters to bring all the best drivers together in one place and it has definitely done so. The quality and depth of drivers can’t be compared anywhere else in the world in my opinion. 

-Qualifying is a massive challenge and the battles right from the Top 32 is worthy of a final. You really have to bring your A game and be ready to leave everything in the track in order to be successful. It’s really amazing to be apart of it.

Which is your best memory from the DMEC season?

-My best memory is probably from Riga. It is my favorite event of the year on and off track. It is one of the most challenging and rewarding tracks of the entire season and we were nailing it right from the beginning of practice. 

-The team was working great and everything was in place for a great event. We killed 2 qualifying runs in the 90’s. Unfortunately it rained hard before our top 16 battle and led to some mistakes which unfortunately knocked us out but that’s Racing. It still doesn’t take away from the amazing weekend we had there.

What competitions do you run in 2019?

-For 2019 once again I’m planning on running the Drift Masters series. I’m genuinely excited to see where Drift Masters can push the sport of drifting in Europe this year and to be a part of that is something very special.

What happens to you and to the car during the winter?

-My winters are spent in Dubai which I’m very lucky to call home for the past 2 years. I’ve many projects that I’m involved with here, some behind the wheel and some not. For me it’s important to find the correct balance of life in general and I’ve found great happiness in Dubai. 

-My car is back in Ireland with my team at Motorsport 56. We will make some small upgrades to it as we always do in the off season, mostly to increase reliability and improve on things that we learned from last season.

Text & Photo: Stefan Lindgren –