Time for round two in Drift Masters European Championship


This coming weekend 15-16 june, round two of Drift Masters European Championship. This time on Circuit Croix en Ternois in France.

In the first round that was held at PS Racing Centre in Greinbach, Austria. We saw alot of hard battles on a tight and technical track that gave all drivers alot to handle. Duane McKeever won in Austria after a hard battle with James Deane, who had some issues during that weekend.

But our focus will now turn to France and the second round, this track and the layout looks totally different with long sweeping corners, but the last corner is a tight hairpin that will keep the drivers on their toes. I beliveve that alot of battles will be won or lost in the last corner, below you see the track layout:

Drivers will go from high speed sweeping corners into a tight hairpin, they are likely coming in with alot of speed. So they really need to get the line perfect long before the initiation for the last corner. So this is a place I belive will have most of the action in the battles.

Who will take this round? Is ir Duane that continues to win or will James get the gremlins out of his machine and retake the top step of the podium? or will any other of these raw drivers take over? Their are alot of drivers sharp enough to take the top step at the podium. But these answers will be answerd 15-16 june.

Text & Photo: Henrik Andersson, Driftzone