Drift Games Extreme first round


Drift Games is the new name for the before well-known IDC, Irish Drift Championship. The excitement is on a whole new level for these series than before, mostly because of the name change.

Drift Games is divided in two different series, Drift Games Extreme and Drift Games Nationals. Now Drift Games Extreme’s first round has taken place.

This first competition took place at Mondello Park in Ireland and Alan Hynes took home the first place in this competition, after a One More Time battle. It was close between him and Mark McBurney who took the second place this time. But Alan is a well worth winner. At third place you could see Ryan Caldwell and on the fourth place Lee Scott.

The next Drift Games Extreme will take place in 3 weeks in Dun Laoghaire Harbour. But before that you will be able to see the second round in Drift Games Nationals that will take place, at May 5th in Watergrasshill.

Text: Elin Molander – DriftZone.se
Photos: Drift Games