Drift Games will no longer be a part of Irish competetive drifting


David Egan, the charismatic manager for Drift Games, announced today that his team will no longer be a part of Irish competetive drifting.

Duane McKeever and James Deane, two of the biggest stars of Irish competetive drifting

In a long monologue on YouTube, aswell as texts on other social media, Egan explains the decision for him and his team to withdraw from what up to this season was IDC, and now is Drift Games. The main reason is, according to Egan, that he feels that his person and assumptions about financial success for the company, chases people and companies away from Irish drifting. Their support is much needed, and therefore it is better to step down.

Egan and his team has run the IDC for six years now, and is also involved in other series, such as BDC and Drift Masters European Championship.

Drift Games will, from September, run non competetive events.

Text: Christer Hägglund – DriftZone.se
Photo: Henrik Andersson – DriftZone.se