IDC becomes Drift Games! Here is the schedule for 2019


One of the most incorporated brands within the drifting-community, IDC, the Irish drifting championship, has changed its name to Drift Games in front of 2019. The calendar has now been released and we will go through the dates and events together with you!

Irish Dean Kearney, normally Formula Drift, took part in the last round of IDC 2018. Will we be seeing him in Drift Games?

There will be competitions in three different series
Link ECU Drift Games Nationals
Drift Games Nationals – Pro-Am (60 drivers)
For those who’d like to start competing in drifting, Pro-Am is a good choice. It targets amateurs and beginners who would like to start their climb towards the top. The same rules as in the big championships applies.

Drift Games Nationals – Pro (40 drivers)
Drift Games Nationals Pro is the main competition-class, and is described by the equalizing prerequisites that will premiere the most talented drivers, regardless to their car investment. We will have to wait to see how this plays out.

Drift Games Extreme (32 drivers + 8 wildcards per event)
The Extreme-series is an alternative kind of drifting that’s intended to attract new groups of fans and actives to the sport. This will be done by focusing on entertainment and tough track-layouts, impressive machinery and full media coverage. You can look forward to action-filled events!

16-17 february
Drift Games spring bash, Mondello Park

Kick-off for the new season and the new name. 16 hours of open driving, followed by an afterparty. Time to pull the car out of the winter storage and taste the track again!

30-31 march
Nationals Round 1 – Showdown, Mondello Park

Premiere for the event previously known as IDC, Link ECU Drift Games Nationals. Will of course be held at the national arena Mondello Park. The event will be driven at a brand new track layout to even the chances between new and seasoned drivers.
The Shanahan-brothers, here Jack, has said they are trying to build new cars for DMEC 2019, and will if so be driving Drift Games in last years cars.

20-21 april
Extreme Round 1 – Modified live, Mondello Park

The Modified-races will be more than just a traditional drifting-event. It will be a fast, louder, sharper and more entertaining event with drifters, showcars and much more.

4-5 may
Nationals Round 2 – King of the hill, Watergrasshill

Tight twin-drifting is what to be expected at the Adventureworld-track. The track-lauout has a high speed entry and a number of hairpins, which will lead to lots of excitement. But who will be the King of the hill?

11-12 may
Extreme Round 2 – Drift on the docks, Dún Laoghaire

Since the Dún Laoghaire-harbour was to be re-built, 2018 should have been the last year with drifting at the area, but after a failed sale of the grounds, there is still a chance for a spectacular event in 2019.

1-2 june
Extreme Round 3 – Retromania, Mondello Park

During Retromania, the hobby of cars is shown as it was during the 80’s and 90’s, everything from old touring cars to Group B-rallycars. At the track the Extreme-drivers will be competing against the best drivers of the BDC, British Drift Championship, in a battle for the domination of the British islands.

6-7 july
Nationals Round 3 – JDM Car culture, Eikon Exhibition Centre

Northern Irelands biggest exhibit for JDM, Japanese Domestic Market, is hosting the second to last event in the season 2019 Drift Games Nationals. With 5000 visitors, 300 showcars and now an additional 100 driftingdrivers, this will be an event worth seeing. A specially made, challenging track will test the drivers courage and skill.

23-24 august
Nationals Round 4 – Grand Nationals, Puncestown Racecourse

An iconic racetrack for horses in Ireland will once again be returned to the drifting community, as the home of the Drift Games National grand finale. The layout is said to be the most challenging of all the tracks of the season. The drivers have nothing to lose, and are awaiting a long winter of servicing their cars, so this is a race where we can expect the drivers to really go all in! The first champion of Drift Games National will be crowned here.

25 august
Extreme Round 4 – Irish Motor Festival, Puncestown Racecourse

The fourth Extreme-round is to be held in conjunction with a national celebration of the motor-hobby. Suitable for enthusiasts, families and fans.

21-22 september
Extreme Round 5 – Japfest, Mondello Park

In collaboration with Irelands largest car meet, Japfest, efforts are now made to be the worlds largest drifting-event. Drift Games Extreme together with Drift Masters European Championship will end their season with 45 of the best drivers in Europe. The race will be driven on the layout called “Global Warfare”. Not for the faint of hearts!

27-28 october
Drift Games End of season bash, Mondello Park

One great “bash” to finish of the season, perfect for amateurs, beginners and everyone else to kill some tires and finish off the year with a great big party together with the country’s top-drivers.

Text: Christer Hägglund –
Foto: Göran Röjhagen –