Sturup Driftdays Training Weekend


This weekend, NDS organized a two-day event at Sturup Raceway. DriftZone visited the training on Saturday.

The clouds dominated during the morning hours and the course dried slowly but surely. It didn’t take many rounds before parts of the course were dry. The majority of the drivers were Danish, but there were also some hungry Swedes who took advantage of training, now when the season is moved forward.

The pit did not have many spots left, many teams had put their trailers on grass areas around the track or out in the parking lot, in order to accommodate as many spots as possible. The purpose of the event was to get training and there were many who spun or drove off track. In the depot, some cars were hoisted up with a jack and troubleshooting or parts were changed.

Several drivers had control of their equipment and they laid laps after laps around the track, on the parts that were allowed to drift on.

DriftZone thanks Alx, from BAM Garage, for the invitation to the event.

Text: Björn Billsten –
Photo: Björn Billsten –