No Napoleon Motorsports electric Camaro in FD


According to Travis Reeder, amongst others, Napoleon Motorsports chooses to not move forward with their program with the electric Chevrolet Camaro that competed in Formula Drift in 2019.

There are some heavy critisism in social media, where it is said that the program Napoleon started was not committed enough, and that it was more important to be able to say “Look, we were the first team competeing an electric car in FD”, rather than creating a long term program.

Travis Reeder will stay in Formula Drift, competing in his old Nissan S13 “Old red”. The S13 was raced a few times also in 2019, when there was problems with permits and technical issues that stopped the Camaro from racing. Reeder will run his own program in 2020 and according to what is presently known, Napoleon Motorsports will not be involved in FD 2020.

Text: Christer Hägglund –
Cover photo: Larry Chen