Papadakis is building a GR Supra for Aasbø


What has been seen as the only natural thing to do has now been made official: Steph Papadakis is building a new Toyota GR Supra for Fredric Aasbø to compete with in this years Formula Drift.

Aasbø in an older 86 that he has been using for events in Europe.

It was last week the news reached us, that is made official that Papadakis Racing is working on the new car. We already knew they built a 1000 hp version of the engine from the GR, and already back then the speculations started if the car wasn’t also going to be put on the start line in Long Beach. No answer came, and in the meantime we saw Daigo Saito and Ken Gushi stating that they would race their 86’s in this years Formula Drift too.

But now it is clear that Fredric Aasbø will drive the new car in the championship and it will be really exciting to see what he can do with this new car. Aasbø has been so close to take his second championship the last few years, and we think that it is his year this year.

Text: Christer Hägglund –
Photo: Papadakis Racing