Series leading Deane, number one qualifier at the FD-final at Irwindale


The phenomenal series leading Formula Drift-driver James Deane took the qualifier win when the season final took place at classic Irwindale on fridaynight.

Photo: Larry Chen

That was not a bad result by Dean either. After the first qualifier, both Dean and teammate Piotr Wiecek had an amazing 98 points out of 100 possible points. Since the separation of drivers is determined by their second best result, and Wiecek had 92 points in his second qualifier, Dean had to score at least 93 points to secure his place as number one qualifier. This is when the reigning champion, series leader and newly crowned European champion puts his foot down and sets a 99 points run! Full score, 30/30 in line, 30/30 in angle and 20/20 and 19/20 in style. A total of 99 points and a totally incredible result.

Photo: Larry Chen

Result, qualifying:
1. James Deane
2. Piotr Wiecek
3. Daijiro Yoshihara
4. Fredric Aasbø
5. Ryan Tuerck
6. Michael Essa
7. Chris Forsberg
8. Ken Gushi
9. Alec Hohnadell
10. Vaughn Gittin Jr
11. Chelsea DeNofa
12. Dean Kearney
13. Justin Pawlak
14. Dirk Stratton
15. Odi Bakchis
16. Forrest Wang
17. Matt Field
18. Dean Burkett
19. Jeff Jones
20. Jhonnattan Castro
21. Kazuya Taguchi
22. Taylor Hull
23. Matt Vankirk
24. Federico Sceriffo
25. Austin Meeks
26. Matt Coffman
27. Faruk Kugay
28. Ryan Litteral, 0
29. Kyle Mohan, 0

Photo: Larry Chen

With 27 qualified drivers, we will have as much as five bye runs in top 32, where Deane, Wiecek, Yoshihara, Aasbø and Tuerck automatically moves on to top 16. This is of cours unfortunate for Fredric Aasbø, who is chasing Dean in the top of the chart, where Dean not only got more points for his no 1 qualifier, and also gets a bye run in the first round. A battle is always a risk of incident, even if it in Deane’s case probably would not have resulted in him getting eliminated in top 32.
The race is coming to its end tomorrow night, top 32 at 23:00 Swedish time, and top 16 at 03:30 Sunday morning, Swedish time

Text: Christer Hägglund –
Foto: Larry Chen – Formula Drift