Johan Andersson: “All the pieces need to fall in place”


Johan was crowned champion in 2019 edition of Gatebil Drift Series, we reach out to him and asked some questions about 2020.

Johan Andersson won Gatebil Drift Series 2019 as we stated earlier, it was a very strong year for Johan who dominated most of the four rounds in the series, he won two rounds and came fourth in one and got eight in the last round. During the season Johan showed everyone that he is a fierce opponent no matter what.

But what about 2020 and beyond? What is planned in the garage of Team Generation Sideways?

Gongratulations to the victory, how was your feeling coming in to the season 2019?
“I already knew before the season had started, that I had a chance of winning the series If I gave 100%. But i also knew that it was going to be a big challenge for me and my team.”

What are your plans for the car during the winter?
“Our car will get a big service and some minor upgrades, you can always improve different functions of the car.”

Do you have any plans ready for 2020?
“It is still undecided in that part for me in 2020. Our goal for many years have been to compete internationally. But all the pieces of thhis puzzle needs go in place, for us to be able to compete internationally.”

What event was your personal favourite?
“My favourite event last year, it has to be the first round of GDS on Våler Racetrack in Norway. New track for me and premiere of Gatebil Drift Series. I won there and got the overall lead in the series.”

Johan also would like to thank all those that are helping him:
“There is a crazy long list of people that I want to thank for the season. All my friends, relative and family ofcourse. Then my sponsors that make my dreams possible: Wilzens, MGRA Bilservice, Korvgubbens, Belami plåt och lack, Dekorreklam, Meca Linköping, Askling bil, Plåtslagarna, Tershine, Xl bygg.”

We thank Johan for the chat and wish him the best of luck next season!

Text & Photo: Henrik Andersson – Driftzone