Hunter Taylor: “Fredric definitely created a drift hungry monster”


Does the name Hunter Taylor ring any bells? Well, it should! Those of you who followed our livestream from Gatebil Våler probably remember that Hunter was one of our superb commentators! During this livestream we were told that Hunter was coming to Mantorp to drive her driftcar for the first time, so naturally wanted to follow this up with an interview to see how it all went down.

So, Gatebil Mantorp is over, this was the premiere for you on a Swedish track. How did it feel?

– My first trip to Mantorp was a first for many things. Not only for the cars first test run but my first time ever driving on a race track. Being on track with so many people is very intimidating at first. So I felt a little nervous before we arrived and had so many questions in my head left to be answered. As the weekend progressed and we worked on the car I got more and more anxious to drive. My impatience was eating away at me! I have no patience to begin with so it was tough waiting until Sunday to drive, but well worth the wait. As I drove onto the track I felt ready, ready to learn and do my best.

Tell us a little about your car?

– Our car is a 1998 Toyota Supra with a 2JZ- GTE engine. Stock twin turbos and a BMW 530 transmission. She has 370 HP to the wheels and just over 400 HP to the flywheel. It’s the exact same setup Fredric ran 10 years ago in his first debut. So that’s comforting to know it’s a well-tested set up!

– We built the entire car in two weeks. It took long nights up until 4 in the morning and tons of amazingly supportive people to help me get ready. I cannot thank them enough for all of their efforts! I feel so blessed to have them.

What did you think about the track? Did it suit you, your car and your driving?

– This was my first race track drive ever but I really loved the track set up. Tons of fun turns, I think it’s perfect for someone who needs to learn race lines and try and few drifts here and there. I don’t quite know my driving style yet since I’m so new to this but I think the track was perfect for me and the car.

– Since we came to Gatebil with a lot left to do on the car still it took Friday and Saturday to get ready. I wasn’t able to drive until Sunday in two heats. On the second heat I blew the front main seal on the engine. But that’s totally ok, that’s racing and I’m happy I got to punch through those gears regardless!

How would you sum up your weekend?

– My weekend was full of ups and downs. I learned so much about the car and about myself. I learned how badly I crave driving and how truly dedicated I’ve become to wanting this. Fredric definitely created a drift hungry monster, haha! I’m happy with the outcome but also exhausted from it all. Worth every second!

What comes next for you?

– Next for me will be getting the car ready for the July festival. We have to run over the entire car and make sure everything held up. Main focus though is to check on the blown main seal and that it didn’t drain to much oil, damaging the engine. Praying it will be an easy fix.

Will we be seeing you at a Swedish track again?

– I’d love to drive in Sweden again! Definitely Mantorp again next year!

And with that, we thank Hunter for taking the time to talk to us, and we wish her good luck with the rest of the summer. And don’t we all look forward to seeing her on Swedish tracks in the future?

Text: Erika Näsberg –
Photo: Christer Hägglund –