Judge David Kalas in SDC: “The mix in judges is good!”


For the 2019 season the Swedish Drift Championship will have an international judge in most rounds.

Merited Czech judge David Kalas is one of them. We got in touch with David to hear a little about his upcoming season.

David Kalas during a drivers briefing.

When did you get the question if you wanted to be a part of the Swedish Drift Championship 2019?
-First contact was during last years Gatebil Drift Series at Mantorp Park, but nothing concrete was set. The discussion with dates started around mid December. It was early enough, but my priorities for this year is for sure Drift Masters European Championship and also I already promissed my participation on Russian Drift Series.

What do you know about the tracks you will visit, Hultsfred Drifttrack and Sundsvall Raceway?
-Unfortunately I’ve never been there, but before each race I normaly study videos from previous years. Google earth maps are also helpful to give me idea about the track, that I can come to the race already prepared.

Do you know of many drivers in this years SDC?
-I know few of the SDC drivers from different series, but when you’re judging it doesn’t matter if you know someone or not, you need to judge by reality what you see. Knowledge of drivers is not so important. I also hope that I would be helpful to drivers by explaining what they can do better to get more points during the training and spotters help sessions.

There will be one head judge, one international and one local at each event, except one. What do you think about that mix?
-The mix in judges is good! Drivers normally believe more mixed judges group and we also can learn from each other to move this motorsport forward.

Which other series will you be working with this year?
-This year is busy, I had a lot of proposals from around world and unfortunately I can’t participate in all. As I said before my priority is DMEC, then other series are D1GP, FIA IDC, RDS, CDS (Czech), Apexmasters (Turkish), Latvian Drift series and more.

A really busy year for sure.
-Yes, but this year will not be only about judging as I became chairman of FIA drifting sporting group and I will do some spotters help during the year.

We than you David and wish you welcome to Sweden again!
-Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to see some crazy Swedish drifting again.

Text: Christer Hägglund – DriftZone.se
Photo: Rafał Kurek Fotografia