Oman Oil Marketing International Drift Series 2019 finals


After an exciting finale this years drift series in Oman is now over.

As we reported yesterday the top guys in qualfying was Piotr Wiecek, Poland, James Deane, Ireland, Mad Mike Whiddett, New Zealand, Andrius Vasliauskas, Lithuania, Haitham Al Hidady and Ahmad Daham.

Archive picture from round 2. Piotr Wiecek James Deane Foto: Ahmed Rezk

When the bracket was narrowed down to only four drivers, we found Andrius Vasiliauskas battling Ahmad Daham for third place. In Vasiliauskas lead run, Daham had some difficulty keeping on the Lithuanians door. When they switched places Vasiliauskas hade better line and better proximity up until a big mistake by the wall. This lead to one more time. After quite some wait for tires to be changed and cars to be cooled down, the two were at it again.

In Vasiliauskas second lead Daham had some kind of problem early in the run, and shut down while Vasiliauskas continued to do a good lead run. Daham was forced to retire, and Vasiliauskas could claim third place.

The final was run between the two team mates in the Worthouse Drift Team, the top qualifier Piotr Wiecek and two time Formula Drift champion and winner of last round in Oman, James Deane. Wiecek had a solid lead run in his Nissan R34 Skyline, with Deane hanging on his door for most of the run. After a mistake by Deane in the middle of the track, he had to sacrifice angle to get the proximity again.

After a short break to repair the front bumper on Deane’s Nissan S14, it was time for Deane to lead and Wiecek to chase down his friend. Wiecek put down an aggresive chase run, where he was able to keep better proximity throughout the run.

At the price ceremony it was revealed that Piotr Wiecek took the win in the third round.

  1. Piotr Wiecek
  2. James Deane
  3. Andrius Vasiliauskas
  4. Ahmed Daham

When it came to the championship result, it was similar as for the third round:

Oman Oil Marketing International Drift Series 2019

  1. James Deane, Ireland, Nissan S14
  2. Piotr Wiecek, Poland, Nissan R34 Skyline
  3. Andrius Vasilauskas, Lithuania, BMW E92

We thank the organizers for good drifting entertainment and hope to see you again next year.

Also a big thank you to Yousef Al-Herais, DriftZone’s anchor in the Middle East!

Text: Christer Hägglund –
Photos: Ahmed Rezk