Red Bull Drift Shifters: Fast cars and awesome drifting on the streets of Liverpool


During a weekend in the middle of november it was alot of different drifting events. One of the events were Red Bull Drift Shifters, it´s not a regular drifting event, instead the drivers competes by doing soloruns on time and got points depending on how they avoided different obstacles on the track. The citizens of Liverpool got to see fast cars with talented drivers that fought for the top positions.

Photo: Patrik Lundin / Red Bull Content Pool

The competition consisted of many known drivers, names likes Mike Whiddet, Fredric Aasbo, James Deane, Piotr Wicek stood on the starting line. The only swedish driver who was represented was Calle Linnarsson. He lent his car to Abdo Feghali. Abdo drove hard and got pretty far in the results list.

Photo: Leo Francis/Red Bull Content Pool

After a tough day, with alot of worn tires and some mechanical issues, Gaz Whiter won, second place went to Forrest Wang and third came Fredric Aasbo. Fredrics team had to change diff three times during the competition. The track was very demanding, for both drivers and components. 

1. Gaz Whiter
2. Forrest Wang
3. Fredric Aasbø
4. Piotr Więcek
5. James Deane
6. Abdo Feghali
7. Masato Kawabata
8. Dean Kearney
9. Mad Mike Whiddett
10. Joachim Waagaard
11. Fanga Dan Woolhouse
12. Matt Carter

Text: Henrik Andersson, Driftzone